About Us

Serving North Texas for Over 38 Years

After helping thousands of Texas families honor their loved ones, we’ve learned many things about what most are looking for in cremation services:

  • A simple, dignified way to pay their respects to their loved one.
  • A comfortable and uncomplicated experience arranging their loved one’s cremation.
  • Guidance and service that respects and compliment’s a person’s choices with integrity.

How We Listen & Respond

Part of the reason we’ve been able to grow as a leading family of funeral homes in the industry is because of our ability to listen to your needs and respond to them with services that meet those needs.  At Aria Cremation Service & Funeral Home, we allow you to plan the ceremony of your choice and customize all the merchandise involved, all from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, we keep licensed, professional funeral directors ready to take your calls 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Reaching More Families than Ever Before

The owner, John P. Brooks, adopted Aria Cremation Service & Funeral Home and added to his family the extremely talented and dedicated Aria professionals in order to best suit the needs of more North Texas families. Our family has grown so that we now have more locations and more resources available for meeting your needs than ever before. By choosing Aria, you will be cared for by the Premier Cremation Specialists in all of North Texas & one of the largest congregations of family owned funeral homes.

Our Funeral Homes Cremation Services Meet All Regulatory Crematory Requirements.

Meet The Family

  • John P. Brooks

    FD Lic # 9548


    Funeral Director and Cremation Specialist

  • Crystal A. Bovaird

    FD Lic #12421

    Funeral Director and Cremation Specialist

  • Roman Martinez

    FD Lic #113345

    Funeral Director and Cremation Specialist

  • Shannon Joyce Page

    Provisional Funeral Director Lic #116391

    Provisional Embalmer Lic #116392

    Director of Administration and Office Manager

  • Amanda R. Clement

    Provisional Funeral Director Lic #116486

    Provisional Embalmer Lic #116487

    Director of Online Communications and Office Manager

  • Maria De Jesus Zarate

    Provisional Funeral Director Lic #116955

    Certified Crematory Operator

  • Abel Rodriguez

    FD Lic #115697

    Funeral Director and Cremation Specialist

    International Shipping Specialist

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